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Providence Pond Labradoodles

A small, home-based provider of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles

Why Providence Pond?


Because we believe that Divine Providence brought us to Brazoria County and into the community that we have embraced since 2008 with our Doodles by our side. And that that same Divine Providence has led us to the Pond

 where our ALD Breeder Life began.

While growing up with both labs and poodles as children, we would never have ever thought that combining

the best of both breeds and mixing in a little cocker spaniel would result in the most awesome

companion breed available today.

But, here we are.

And there truly isn't a better or smarter companion dog out there  than the multi-generational Australian labradoodle (ALD).


Our story began in 2007 in Austin Texas, with Angel, an admittedly less-than-optimally bred American labradoodle

that turned out to be the best dog ever! Her brother, Chewie, joined us as a 'Goldendoodle' rescue five years later --

but he was definitely all MultiGen ALD. His time with us ended way to soon on New Year's Eve of 2017

and Angel followed him over the Rainbow Bridge in early 2020. But not before she decided to bring us

Harper and Finley, almost inseparable sister and brother ALDs, to heal our hearts once she was gone too.

We believe that every heart has room tucked way somewhere for an ALD to steal away.

And we would love to help you learn more about this wonderful breed.

You can thank us later.

It's later, Burt.

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