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Our story really began as kids. Ginger's family raised Labrador Retrievers. They were hunting dogs for her dad and her family was into the field trial circuit with their dogs winning ribbons and Ginger having a good time running around the trial grounds. We also had a poodle, Beaux, who was a grey moyen with a simply great personality. Steve's family was in the military, and every officer's family seemed to have a poodle, so they did too! Married in 1983 and traveling all over with the military, Steve and Ginger had a few dogs throughout those years... mainly because Grandma Cecilia was such a dog lover! 


Then in 2007 they stumbled upon the Labradoodle. Having had both breeds as kids, we were intrigued, and after a little research decided that this breed just might be the perfect blend for a family pet -- especially given that they were touted as being 'allergy-friendly.'  So our family's journey started in Austin Texas, with Angel, an admittedly less-than-optimally bred American labradoodle that hailed from Nebraska as a surprise for daughter Samantha. And she turned out to be the best dog ever!


We added her brother, Chewie, to the family as a 'Goldendoodle' rescue five years later --

but he was definitely all MultiGen ALD. Chewie's time with us ended way to soon on New Year's Eve of 2017

and Angel followed him over the Rainbow Bridge in early 2020. But not before she decided to bring us

Harper and Finley, almost inseparable sister and brother ALDs, to heal our hearts once she was gone too.

We weren't actually looking to become breeders, we were actually looking for a puppy for Sam. We'd been able to put her off getting one while in college, suggesting she get one when she graduated. And when she walked off the stage, her first words were, "Now, can we get me my puppy?!?" Ok, they weren't her first words after graduating, but they came pretty fast! So the hunt was on!

When we found a local breeder with a male puppy that just happened to be available, we were smitten with not only him, but his sister too, that the breeder had held back to breed but had decided to place instead. We'd thought about breeding before, and the timing was right, and Providence Pond became a thing.

Our story is still being written, and influenced by some really great people along the way, including our fantastic puppy parents! We're blessed to have met them and have them love our puppies the way that we do! We hope that you'll join our Doodle Family someday too... and be blessed by the unconditional love of a Providence Pond Labradoodle.

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